Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've Moved!

It's taken awhile to convince myself to make the move from Blogger to WordPress, but an article I read yesterday made the decision for me.

So, there's a new address and -- new name, new look, new home.  One reason I made the change was because I felt the nudging to make my blog stand out for the message I want to convey -- that God's love and grace is for everyone.

And each of us here, who believe, need to be sowers of the seed which grows into that love, grace and belief.

I hope you'll continue to visit and chat with me.  Be patient -- we're still learning what WordPress is all about and how to get what we want to happen to happen!

Here's where to find us now:

New Address
Hoping to see you there soon!



What does the word "handmade" conjure up in your memory bank?

For me, there are many things.  Some made by other hands, some made by my hands.

Doilies remind me of my mother-in-law. Many were found among her belongings when she died.  I brought some home with me -- the work of her hands still present in our lives.

Other reminders are from my mother's hands:  my first recital dress.  Mother hated sewing but was determined to make this dress.

Made of pink organdy, puffed sleeves, a beautiful sash and lace trims -- not an easy project.  My daddy took this photo -- a visual reminder of her hands making that dress.

My sister-in-law helped me to learn to make handmade items.  She taught me to knit when I was 12.  I still knit some every day.  Each project reminds me of those times with her -- our hands working together. 

Hands that were once busy, are still busy -- working at a beloved craft. 

Now, reflect on the words in Psalm 139:13-14 (TNIV):

How much more love can we know than the love of our Father who created us?  Fashioned us.  Uniquely made us who we are.

He "knit [us] together" ensuring that each tiny part would hold together for as long as we live.

And as a result "your works are wonderful."  And each of us should be able to say, "I know that full well."

How amazing it is that we are handmade, crafted by the loving hands of the Father!

* * *

I'd love to hear your thoughts on "handmade" today.  Feel free to share below in a comment.

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