Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Years!

I opened my eyes this morning and as I turned to see my husband lying beside me, I couldn't believe that it had been 30 years ago today that God brought us into this relationship called marriage.  Bob is the greatest gift God has given me in that 30 years, and I still treasure him as much or more today than I did on August 15, 1981.

Bob and I had traveled rocky roads in previous marriages.  We agreed to be married after dating and knowing each other for a rather brief period of four months.  You see we knew God was in the formula, and that with  Him in the formula we couldn't go wrong.  This isn't to say that life has always been easy because it hasn't.  We blended two families on weekends and during summers.  Job changes resulted in our moving from Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest where Bob found work and had family.  This meant leaving my family and friends of a lifetime in Tennessee.  However, as my story unfolds, I didn't find this too difficult as it meant another chance at living life to the fullest and in happiness.

Now that we've celebrated this day we're laughing and thinking, "What if?"  What if we make it another 20 years will the kids throw us a 50th anniversary celebration (mumblings were heard that we'd be 94 and 85 by then)?  Our 40-year old son called today to wish us a happy anniversary and ended the conversation with, "I'd better let you go so you can get started on that next 30!  Do you realize Bob will be 104 and you'll be . . .?"  I filled in the blank with 95, and he gasped!  Sad but true.

Life is filled with good memories like these and yet I need to purge some memories that weren't so good before I married Bob and God became a bigger force in my life.  Please stay tuned!

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  1. Hello, my dear sister!
    The prophet Jeremiah said: "I want to recall what they can give me hope."
    I read once that the human being needs to activate their memories to be balanced emocionalmete from them. Jeremiah after contemplating so much destruction around them, and no more tears left to cry in the face of such calamity,'s decided to fix his eyes on calamidadesr. They were consuming your energy, your faith and your hope. So he decided to bring his memory who was their God. All he had seen him do for his people. His mercy, faithfulness, kindness, compassion, and his promises are infallible. The salvation of the Lord come, for sure.
    Those memories encouraged him and lifted him up.
    I've been reading your posts and found that their experiences are like in some way with those of Jeremiah.
    God is good and prepared everything for us to have full life.
    Glad you overcame it all and live a full life that God has prepared.
    Thanks for sharing these experiences.
    Congratulations on 30 years of marriage.
    God bless you and your family!


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