Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Get Down to Business!

Getting down to business with this blog hasn't been uppermost in my mind for a variety of reasons, none of which are highly excusable in my mind.  Yet they are what they are! 

If I'm going to write my memoir, I need to stop just toying with it and get down to business!  I need to wrap up my reading on memoir and writing, and put what I've learned to work.  My plan of action is formulating starting with more posts taking place here as potential parts of my draft.  I will still do other writing here as a blog is a good writing practice forum.  So, not all posts will be reflective of my attempt to write about my life or "right" my life in the present.  As I've explained before, my life today is the best my life has ever been; however, there are memories and parts of my life that need to be dealt with in order not to pass those invisible scars along to the next generation.  Thus, the blog title "'Righting' My Life.

I ask your patience as I begin this process, and your input and comments are more than welcomed.  I'm a newbie at both writing memoir and blogging.  Any suggestions and ideas may be left here and will be acknowledged in some way.

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