Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heart Full of Thanks -- Counting One Thousand Gifts (377-385)

When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews
who had come along with her also weeping,
he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled.
“Where have you laid him?” he asked.
“Come and see, Lord,” they replied. 

Jesus wept.
Then the Jews said, “See how he loved him!” 

The Gospel of John is rich.  And it contains the shortest verse in all of Scripture:  "Jesus wept."  Only two words. Only nine letters.  Yet that short verse speaks volumes to Jesus' compassion not only for Lazarus' sisters, but also his compassion for us.

In times of trouble, we seek answers and understanding to situations we may not fully understand.  We question:  Why I am the one to have this disease or this problem?  Why am I the one who can't do everything I used to do?  Why am I the one diagnosed with an insidious disease?  Why did I lose my job?  Why is my home in jeopardy?  Why, why, why???  Likely, we shed tears as we shout angrily at the world, family and friends and sometimes even God.  

Jesus sees our tears.  He hears our anger and despair.  He knows our burdens.  And he comes to us with compassion and yes, love.  In the verses above, Jesus saw one of Lazarus' sisters weeping as well as the Jews who came with her.  Seeing their tears, he was "deeply moved in spirit."  

In our own times of trouble, no matter the source, Jesus sees our tears, hears our anger, and he is moved to touch us with his compassion and love. 

Photo credit above:  Central Church Cambridge

Continuing to count One Thousand Gifts:

377.  Jesus' compassion and love for us, no matter what.
378.  Understanding of family needs and wants.
379.  Daffodils and crocus blooming bright yellows.
380.  First hyacinth blossoms, purple for the season of Lent.
381.  Safe travel this last week.
382.  Children who care.
383.  Safety of a daughter and grandson.
384.  Joyful acceptance by the next generation of family treasures.
385.  Season of Lent.

We're all counting over at Ann Voskamp's site, A Holy Experience.  Won't you stop by and join us?


  1. Jumped over from Ann's and I love # 382 ....

    Blessings, Beth

    1. Beth, so glad you jumped over . . . 382 is pretty special to us right now. :)


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