Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Blogger's Prayer (Compliments of Ann Voskamp)

I sit down to write.  Something, words that I don't know yet.  Because He hasn't given them to me. 

Pray.  Yes, I pray first but do I ask for what I really need to ask?  Often I've questioned how do I pray about blogging.  What words would you use to ask for help for something that may be so foreign to God?  Or does He understand technology stuff?

"Help me," I pray.  "Give me the words You want me to use."  Is this right?

Yesterday, Ann Voskamp posted a beautiful and perfect prayer for the blogger in each of us, especially if your goal is to give and write your best for God.  You can download your own copy of  "A Blogger's Prayer" at Ann's web site, A Holy Experience.  For now, here's a copy of the download:

The power of our words is immense.  No, the power of His words is immense.  He is all power, all grace, all knowledge.  We must commit ourselves, our writing, our lives to Him if we are to be called His Own.  Why not begin each blogging moment with this beautiful prayer?

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