Sunday, October 16, 2011

Radical Living in a Comfortable World

I subscribe to a writing blog called The Write Practice.  Today its author, Joe Bunging, posted a blog entitled "Will You Help?"  Being a servant-oriented personality, I immediately read on and was disheartened and saddened to learn of the criminality being flaunted in a Haitian orphanage and the number of children gone missing from it.  Joe included a link to Radical Living in a Comfortable World written by Seth Barnes of Adventures in Missions, one of the agencies supporting this orphanage.

I challenge to read Seth's article at Radical Living's link above, and then turn and walk away to your well-stocked kitchen for a snack and a cold drink without blinking an eye.  How can people mistreat the innocent and young?  How can they take advantage of an orphanage situation?  I have no answers, and I'm sure you don't either but perhaps there's something we can do.  If nothing else, we can pray for these children and those who have gone missing.

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