Monday, November 7, 2011

A Heart Overflowing {Counting One Thousand Gifts #6 (172-181)}


Full to the brim and more.

So very full.

Joyfully filled each and every day.

Filled with God's gifts to me, a sinner, flawed and damaged.  And yet He keeps on giving what I need and what brings me joy.

On Mondays, I link up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience to count the gifts that have touched me in the previous few days.  So here goes:

172.  A good start to the week.
173.  A friend's slow but sure recovery back in Virginia.
174.  Another friend who keeps me updated on my Virginia friend.
175.  Husband and I working as a team to clean.
176.  Volunteers from our church traveling to Guatemala on a mission trip.
177.  My Bible study group.
178.  MOPS meeting with moms and seeing their little ones.
179.  All the volunteers that make MOPS happen.
180.  More new moms in our MOPS group.
181.  The amazing faith of the moms I'm mentoring this year.
182.  Relaxing time after meetings.
183.  Breakfast for dinner -- a favorite around here!
184.  Talking with each other about little things and big.

Won't you take the time to jump on over to A Holy Experience and read some of Ann's writings and to see who else is counting to one thousand gifts?  Maybe you'd like to join us!

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