Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Heart Overflowing (Counting One Thousand Gifts #7 (184-194)

The closer we come to Thanksgiving celebrations next week the more it seems we think about giving thanks and showing our gratitude.  Yet, we can count these blessings every day, and for me doing so has sharpened my senses to the many small things I often overlook as gifts from God.  This last week it's been impossible not to give thanks:

184.  Ann's writing of their Compassion International experiences.
185.  Compassion International and the work they do around the world.
186.  Freedoms fought for by our veterans and current military.
187.  Nature's fall decorations.
188.  Calls from our kids.
189.  My husband's slow, loving smile.
190.  Time with friends sharing a meal.
191.  Breakfast out.
192.  Mosaic seen in leaf-covered sidewalks and roads.
193.  Children singing and playing bells in church.
194.  God's incredible fall palette.

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  1. Wonderful list! I love that fall heightens our senses to Thanksgiving and propels us to action this time of year.


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