Monday, April 9, 2012

Heart Full of Thanks -- Counting One Thousand Gifts (414-428)

The risen living Christ
Calls me by my name;
Comes to the loneliness within me;
Heals that which is wounded within me;
Comforts that which grieves within me;
Releases me from that which has dominion over me;
Cleanses me of that which does not belong to me;
Renews that which feels drained within me;
Awakens that which is asleep within me;
Names that which is formless within me;
Empowers that which is newborn within me;
Consecrates and guides that which is strong within me;
Restores me to this world which needs me;
Reaches out, in endless love to others, through me.
~~ Flora Wuellner

(Scripture reference on image:  Matthew 28:1-10)

Photo credit:  St. Mary's Parish East Islip

* * *

Following Holy Week and after a glorious Resurrection Sunday, who can help but continue to count to One Thousand Gifts:

414.  Life itself.
415.  My husband's commitment to the busy choir activities of Holy Week, practices included!
416.  Privilege of praying for sick friends and their families.
417.  Life of a dear friend who has left us for a better place in Heaven.  Such a Christian example!
418.  Preparations for Easter weekend.
419.  Passover meal on Maundy Thursday prior to moving service of music and Scripture.
420.  Good Friday meditations and another moving service at church.
421.  Easter dinner and egg hunt with our son's family.
423.  Watching great-granddaughter (3 yrs.) hunt for eggs and her excitement at finding them.
424.  Cuddling and talking with great-grandson (4 months), soaking up his gorgeous blue eyes and smiles.
425.  Easter Sunday and celebrating our Risen Lord.
426.  Honor of serving communion at services on Easter.
427.  Quiet Easter afternoon spent at home reflecting on the price paid for my sins.
428.  Matthew 28:1-10.

Linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience for Monday Musings.  Have you ever stopped by to see what it's all about?  Maybe today's the day to visit.


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  1. How wonderful to dwell on your gifts! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nancy, thanks for dropping by and reading today's post. Your encouragement is appreciated.

  2. So glad you had a beautiful Easter weekend rejoicing in the truth with your family, Sherrey! Beautiful gift list. Love that you got to serve communion. and honor indeed. thank you for sharing your joy with us!

    1. Hi Nikki! So glad you came by. Yes, Easter was filled with rejoicing for many reasons and you know the ones I mean. Family time was an added bonus. I enjoy your blog and try to read as often as possible. Blessings!


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