Monday, April 16, 2012

Heart Full of Thanks -- Counting One Thousand Gifts (#429-442)

Simple Gifts is a favorite hymn of mine.  Written by Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr., a Shaker, the melody and words have endured since 1848.  For me, the words are full of freedom and love -- a reminder of where I ought to be and if there, I'll be in the "valley of love and delight."  How wonderful is this image!

Friday evening and all day yesterday my husband and I attended the Parkinson's Resources of Oregon Conference held in Eugene, OR.  Our attendance was an attempt to learn more about my brother-in-law's illness, which includes an insidious form of dementia which is still him from us.

Our joy and delight was found in the warmth and acceptance by Parkinson's patients and their families.  Despite their circumstances, each of this individuals and their family members had accepted their situations and found themselves in the place just right -- supporting and loving one another.

Shouldn't we all be so accepting of our circumstances and life situations?  

Therefore be imitators of God as dear children.
And walk in love, as Christ also loved us and given Himself for us,
an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.

* * *

429.  Red tulips blooming in the yard
430.  First blossoms on the bleeding heart
431.  A camellia that hasn't bloomed for three years -- blooming!
432.  Circle of love in our family
433.  Bob's birthday this week
432.  Safe travel to and from Eugene
433.  New friends met and enjoyed
434.  Knowledge shared about illnesses common to many
435.  Gratitude for those who perform research in search of answers and treatments
436.  Professionals who took the time to share their expertise
437.  Gracious staff of Parkinson's Resources of Oregon 
438.  Quiet time at home today
439.  Birthday cards and calls for Bob from family
440.  Bob's impact on my life
441.  Wedding band on my finger that may be a bit more snug than the day it was slipped on 31 years ago, but no less shiny and sparkling because of the love it signifies
442.  Amazing Christian women who take time to blog and share their faith

Today I'm spending time with --

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  1. Thankful to read your list - so great that you could go to the meetings about Parkinson's. I have a younger brother who has Parkinsons - such a difficult thing to go through.

    1. Sorry to hear that your brother has Parkinson's. Unfortunately, Bob's brother isn't dealing with just Parkinson's but also Lewy body dementia, which has rapidly stolen his cognitive and self-care abilities in the last 6 months. Either way it is a difficult situation. We travel once/month about 5 hours each way to give our sister-in-law a respite from her caregiver duties. So thankful you stopped by today.

  2. So very sorry. I pray that GOD will use it all for His Glory and that many will be touched through all this.

    1. Connie, thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. Your prayers are appreciated.

  3. It sounds like a tremendous blessing, this conference. I work in a rehabilitation hospital and the things my patients teach me are countless and humbling. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Laura, what we learn from others always amazes me, especially the others who are carrying heavy burdens. You are blessed to be able to give of your love and care to others and to see them as teachers who bless you. Thanks for the words you write at The Wellspring.


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