Monday, July 9, 2012

Breathing Praise and Gratitude




Simple, reflexive, necessary, life act of breathing.

On each inhalation, exhalation, complete cycle of breath, we can praise and give thanks to the Lord our God.

Take the time to realize that He who gave us the breath of life, who made our body to respond to the reflexive need for air, asks us to do so little.

Draw close, need Him in our life, and let Him know by praising Him and giving thanks.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of breath with which to praise and thank you.

* * * 

547.  Breath of life.
548.  Every living, breathing thing in creation.
549.  Freedom to declare our worship and love of the Lord.
550.  Music of the Independence Day holiday.
551.  Sharing with friends, old and new, in celebrations.
552.  Safety of our great-niece and great-nephew in Nigeria...
553.  Swift medical care for our grandson with a wound infection.
554.  Goodness of our daughter-in-law who loves her family so much.
555.  Sun, blue skies and the start of summer, finally!
556.  First harvest of lettuce and blueberries from our own plantings.
557.  Changing colors of the hydrangea blossoms.
558.  Encouragement from writing friends.
559.  Connections with other women writing about God's love on the Internet.

Although I'm counting today, I don't have the ability to link up with the gang over at Ann Voskamp's, because we're traveling.  However, I'm thinking about them and you, and want to invite you to drop in there and see what's going on:

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