Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Marriage

This weekend found us on the road againBut for happier reasons this trip.

Heading the car toward Seattle, we traveled to celebrate with my husband's older sister and her husband their 60 years of marriage.

As their generation grows older and passes on, it is not likely that we'll see so many long-lived marriages.  Divorces, living together rather than marrying, and other current social trends may cause 60-year marriages to come into decline.

During our celebration, the pastor at the church where the celebratory couple attends spoke for a moment.  Yes, he reminded us of the verses found in Genesis that speak to the state of marriage.

He went on to point out that this marriage of 60 years exemplifies for all of us who come behind what marriage should be.  Despite ordinary tough times and medical crises along the way, this couple has remained as one, joined together as God would have them be.

In so many ways, my sister- and brother-in-law have been good examples for all who have come behind them.  But in this one, they are standouts!

For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother,
and will be joined to his wife. And they will become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24 (NLV)

* * *

Today is Monday so time for Multitudes on Mondays at A Holy Experience and for giving thanks for God's many gifts over the past week.  Ann Voskamp is traveling in Haiti with her son this week on behalf of Compassion International.  Whether or not Ann puts up the usual link for Mondays, I'm counting anyway!

560.  For the gift of our sister- and brother-in-law's example in marriage.
561.  Seeing family from all across the country this weekend.
562.  Once again safe travel.
563.  Joy of seeing generation to generation engaging with one another.
564.  The long-awaited arrival of summer in the Pacific NW!
565.  Blooming hydrangeas.
566.  Sitting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air.
567.  Picking blueberries from my bushes.
568.  Picking our first marionberry this morning.
569.  Looking into the eyes of my husband and giving thanks for 30 years together.
570.  Healing for our grandson.
571.  Our daughters-in-law who bring us great joy.
572.  Being at home for awhile.

Have you started counting your one thousand gifts or more?  Come on over to A Holy Experience and join the community!


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