Friday, July 20, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado -- UPDATE

Lately it seems that tragedy is all too alive and well in Colorado.  Ravaged by wild fires destroying homes and land recently, now what some may call a greater evil struck last evening.

Quoting from an email I received from Chris Sigfrids, Online Marketing Manager for WaterBrook Multnomah:

I woke up this morning and my wife said to me, "Something bad happened in Denver last night."

She didn't know or say what it was as I rushed out the door for work.

On the drive in, I turned on 850 KOA, the largest radio station in Colorado. It was non-stop coverage of a shooting that had taken place just seven short hours ago.

I listened as one of the authorities recounted what happened: 12 people have been killed and 38 wounded in what is being called the "Theater Shooting" in Aurora, Colorado. Witnesses say a masked gunman, dressed in black, walked into the theater with a gas mask on, threw gas canisters into the theater and then opened fire on the crowd. (Hear two witnesses account of the tragedy).

If God Is GoodAs I drove down I-25 listening to what had happened, just 50 miles up the road, I began to consider what the appropriate response was. Should I be angry? Should I forgive? Should I get a concealed carry permit? Should we have tighter gun laws?

I arrived at work and went to chapter four in Randy Alcorn’s book, If God Is Good (download it here).

After spending 10 minutes with just a portion of Randy's book, I felt comfort. I had answers. I found my orientation amidst the flood of possible responses.

I wonder if your blog readers, church members, friends or family are feeling what I felt this morning?

* * *

Later today I received an update from Chris Sigrids which you can read via this link.

I haven't read Randy Alcorn's book, but I did take time to sit down this morning not only to read the download provided above but also to pray for the lives affected in this tragedy.  

Won't you join me today and in the coming days seeking God's direction in not only Colorado but all of our country against these tragedies? 

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