Monday, May 7, 2012

Heart Full of Thanks -- Counting One Thousand Gifts (#443-461)

Returning home from ten days in Washington State, we drove along I-84 headed into Portland.  The drive, once we cross the Columbia River from Washington into Oregon, takes us along the dividing line between the two states -- the middle of the Columbia River itself and on either side of the river, the beautiful gorge created by the Master Artist.

On our return, this image looks exactly as the gorge looked last week.  Blue skies, high clouds, a light haze with massive walls of rock, trees, wildflowers, birds and off in the distance waterfalls and mountains.

My favorite spot along the gorge is Multnomah Falls, the place where my husband made sure 29 years ago that I fell in love with the idea of living in the Pacific Northwest, 2000+ miles away from my home in Tennessee.  I still remember how small I felt as we drove through the gorge, and how much smaller I felt as I stood at the base of the falls and looked up at the water from spring runoff pouring over the walls of the canyon to a clear pool below.

And then in the distance, the centerpiece of our drive, Mt. Hood.

Every time I see all the handiworks God created in our world, and especially here at home in the Pacific Northwest, I cannot help but be thankful for the goodness and beauty he has provided for my eyes to gaze upon.

And so today, I continue counting to 1000 gifts with Ann Voskamp and others at A Holy Experience.

I invite you to join us or to at least visit and see what we each find to be thankful for each and every week.

443.  The beauty of the earth around me.
444.  Shades of green so evident in spring.
445.  Gift of time with fading family members.
446.  Joy of being there when needed and answering the call to service.
447.  God's Word to support us.
448.  My mother's faith which keeps me strong beyond her lifetime.
449.  My father's courage and strength through adversity.
450.  The delights of springtime growth in our yard and beyond.
451.  The lovely children at church yesterday who gathered to listen to His story.
452.  New members in our church family.
453.  One more MOPS meeting to enjoy this year.
454.  Blue jay sighted on this morning's walk.
455.  Beauty of music and the comfort it brings.
456.  Friends never met face-to-face but loved via the Internet.
457.  Compassion and caring of friends.
458.  Power of prayers lifted on behalf of our family.
459.  Safety in travel.
460.  Critters and birds coming back from winter hibernations.
461.  Gift of healing for friends.

Photo credits:
Top:  Walking
Middle:  Visual Photo
Bottom:  Trails NW

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