Friday, May 25, 2012

Opportunity Knocks!

On Fridays it's always fun to join with the group over at The Gypsy Mama's to write for five minutes on a word picked randomly by Lisa-Jo, THE Gypsy Mama.  I'm off to write about "opportunity."  Won't you join us?


Opportunity knocks!  A phrase we've all heard before.  But I like to look on it more often than not as God nudging, whispering, sitting on my shoulder.

It's happened a lot lately.  The phone ringing, a knock on my heart, the pull between home and travel.  Receiving late night calls that your family needs you are never easy, but to throw your clothing in a suitcase and grab everything you might need for who knows how long sends your heart into double pulsing.

Last week was one of those weeks.  And it ended not so well.  But each time a call has come we've seized the opportunity to answer God's call to help family.  And just as things seem to be calming down and settling into a normal pace . . . . .

The phone rang.  Yesterday.  Our son and his wife were here for a short visit, and there was the clanging of the phone.

A young woman in our church was lining up fall workers for our LOGOS program.  I've volunteered in LOGOS before but stepped down when the family needs stepped up.  Would I like to sign up for this next year?

I paused.  Took a long slow breath before I started to say, "No, not this year."  And then there it was . . . .

Opportunity!  I paused a little longer.  Offered up a quick prayer.  I knew that subs were often needed to table parent and also to help in a short class time.  Yes, God, I'll seize that opportunity!

What did I just say?  I said YES!  I can't pass up on one of His offered gifts to connect with others and tell His story, especially to young ones.  Opportunities don't come along all that often and should be seized when possible.  You'll receive something out of taking that next step out of your box!

"Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock.
If you hear me call
and open the door, I'll come right inand sit down to supper with you. . ."
Revelations 3:20 (MSG)

(Could you pass up this opportunity?)


STOP! (Scripture and any images added after the 5 minutes were up.)


  1. I enjoyed reading your post and I loved your title. When I got this morning's assignment ("opportunity") two things immediately sprang to mind. I chose to write about Galatians 6:10, but my heart-strings were pulled toward wanting to share something about the slightly more personal and, perhaps, humorous, but I didn't. It is no accident that your post was directly ahead of mine, as, due to your title, I still get to share. :)

    Our last name is Knox. I have known my husband for the past 45 of my 50 years. As a young girl I was crazy about my future husband and knew that someday we would marry, but...I didn't know how to spell his last name. After John and I were married my mother found an old art tablet of mine where I had doodled the name "John Knocks" all over it. LOL! When our son was born I had threatened that, had he been a girl, to name him "Opportunity". I hope my story doesn't bore you. I just had to share it with someone and the title of your post just seemed to be the opening that I needed.

    Thank you so much for sharing. You have a lovely blog! God bless you and yours and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    All My Love,

    1. Rebecca, bore me? That is a lovely story . . . one which I'm sure many others have enjoyed hearing. Interestingly enough, my husband's brother and his wife met at the age of 5. By first grade, she had decided he was hers for life! They're still together in marriage, but unfortunately we just helped her move him to a nursing home (Parkinson's with a rare dementia that has taken him from us in a startingly rapid manner). I love stories of long, long relationships and marriages.

      I'm so glad you visit, and I have been to your site and read your post for today and really enjoyed your thoughts. Your new site is lovely, and so pleasant a place that I've started following you! :)

      Blessings in the days ahead,

  2. I just now read your response, Sherrey. Thank you for being so kind, for checking out my site, and for following me! Wow! And, thanks, too, for sharing your brother- and sister-in-law's story. I am adding them to my prayer list and will remember them in my prayers here. God bless you, Sweet Sister! Have a lovely week ahead! <3

    1. A quick note to say thanks for the prayers on our brother- and sister-in-law's behalf. That means so much! Hope the days in the coming week are filled with His goodness and blessing. :)

      All's goodness and grace!


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