Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012


Arlington Cemetery,
where hundreds of thousands of dead lie beneath the ground.

Sacrifices beyond our comprehension . . . 
life, loved ones, families,
dreams and hopes,
and opportunities not yet realized.

Sacrifices by those left behind . . .
partners split apart,
children left fatherless or motherless,
fathers and mothers losing a child too soon.

And for what?

So that you and I might enjoy our freedoms . . . 
life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and
religion, the right to vote, speech,
the right to live in peace and harmony,
life itself.

And what do we do about it all?

We must pause and say "thank you"
for the sacrifices, the service, the commitment
and patriotism represented in service.

Take time this day and every day to salute with gratitude
a veteran, an active duty member
of our Armed Forces, or a member of the National Guard
for protecting you and your family.


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