Monday, July 23, 2012

What a Weekend Can Hold!

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As we are all too painfully aware, this weekend held within it the tragedy that struck movie goers in Aurora, CO.

Innocents, who had purchased their ticket and popcorn, waited patiently for the film to roll.

And then violence erupted!  Not on the screen, but in front of them.

Our hearts mourn for those who suffered loss, both the families of the victims and the family of the young man who obviously had lost his way.

Our prayers go out to these families and to those who survived as they heal and attempt to recover from these horrors.

* * *

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Today, thousands of miles away from Aurora and as far from the horror of what these people have experienced, I attended a bridal shower for the daughter of dear friends.  So much laughter, so much so there were even some tearsBeautifully wrapped packages, decadent foods, incredible gifts of love.

* * *

The distance between our experiences leaves us standing amazed at the disparity of emotions being felt all at the same time in our world.

And yet, God covers us all in the midst of our joys and our sorrows.  

Just as He blesses those families hurting and works to bring healing in a variety of ways, God also blesses this young couple embarking on a new life together.

Hard to believe, isn't it?

Not if you know, truly know God!

* * *

Joining with Ann Voskamp and the others who are counting gifts at A Holy Experience:

573.  Days of warmth and sunlight.
574.  A day filled with berry picking and a picnic with my husband.
575.  The patience to see me through husband's jam-making!
576.  Skill of doctors and nurses working through some lab tests.
577.  Miracle of a cortison injection.
578.  A written piece accepted for inclusion in an anthology.
579.  Quick response by emergency responders in Aurora.
580.  Heroism in action in the theater.
581.  Lives given for lives surviving.
582.  Engagements, weddings and bridal showers.
583.  Fun times spent in a room full of women.
584.  Coming home to a hubby making MORE jam!
585.  Quiet Sunday evenings together.

If you've never visited Multitudes on Mondays or begun counting to
one thousand gifts and want to know more,
won't you come on over to A Holy Experience
for a visit with us?


  1. I'm next to you at Ann's, giving thanks with you. :)

  2. How fun to have your hubby helping you make some jam! Enjoyed your list, and also, reading your thoughts from the week ...

    1. Cherry, good to see you here! Thanks for your comments; they are blessings indeed.


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