Saturday, January 7, 2012

Essential Identifiers
Welcome to my blog's new home and more specifically its new name, Not Just a Name!  Looking fresh as a daisy was my goal when I sat down with Blogger today to revise and rename my blog.

You see, God has been nudging me in many directions, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how many he seems to be laying out before me.  Often I feel almost lost in trying to make up my mind where to place my priorities and which hat to wear.

When someone calls me by name, they call for Sherrey.  If we went to high school together in the 1960s (I'm dating myself), they call me by my middle name Alice.  I suppose as a fourth grader, when my family left the city for the suburbs, I experienced a bit of identity crisis and changed to my middle name.

However, I started out life as Sherrey and as a daughter and a sister.  Then I graduated to wife and mom.  In more recent years, I've become grandma to four and great-grandma to two.  All these names identify who I am.  And yet, I'm called by many other interests and activities.

It seems people I know don't seem to recognize or realize all these things are important to me.  What are they, you may ask?

Well, I am an avid reader with at least 4-5 books going at once.  I have a passion for needlework and sewing/quilting.  I volunteer at our church as a mentor mom in the MOPS chapter and from time to time as a Sunday School teacher.  I'm in the process of learning to play the flute taking lessons from a very accomplished instructor.  That means I'm a "practicer" too!

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Add to that I manage the web site for our little cottage industry, Noteworthy Music Stands, and assist in maintaining our government standing and handle correspondence.  And last, but definitely not least, I have always longed to be a writer, and I am definitely attempting to practice this craft too.

With all these identities clamoring for my attention, sometimes I feel as if I'm losing control of who I really am.  So, today in order to give myself a chance at finding that identity, I redid my blog name and look.  It feels fresh, and I feel it doesn't appear I'm setting my life aright as my last blog title did.  After all, I'm happy with my life as it is now.

I am writing my memoir, but there are also many other things I want to write.  This new look and blog gives me that opportunity -- to awe you with many aspects of my life, not just the writer, blogger, reader me.

Q4U:  How do you balance all the demands or activities in your life to make time to enjoy each of them?


  1. Sherrey, I love the new blog look. It's beautiful. Fresh and clean. And I love the title you chose. We are not defined by what we do, but what we do is so much a part of who we are!

  2. Barbie, thanks for the comments. I especially appreciate the feedback on the new look. Also on the title -- you know how God just gives you words sometimes? That's how the title came to me! I agree we are not defined by what we do, but that what we do becomes a part of us. See you around!


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