Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of Touch!

Ever feel like your out of touch with the times?  Maybe out of touch with things your children or grandchildren are interested in?  If you have great-grandchildren, are you out of touch with their ideas and understandings?

Over the Christmas holidays, we celebrated time with our son and his wife as well as their children's families.  Among those present was sweet Kylie who is now 3.  She is tiny for her age, but her mind is bigger than she is!

With my Nikon Cool Pix, I was taking lots of photos.  I said to Kylie, "Do you want to see the picture I just took of you and Uncle Ty?" 

She came running to where I was sitting, and I showed her the picture.  Kylie then asked if she could hold the camera, and I replied that she could. 

I looked down at the camera in her tiny hand, and as I watched, Kylie began to slide her finger across the screen.  Some of us chuckled, and I said to her, "Kylie, great-grandma just has a camera.  It's not an iPhone."

"It's not?," she said.

"Nope, just a regular old camera," I told her.

"Not an iPhone?" she queried.

"Afraid not," I said.

With that, Kylie's interest in me and my camera ended.  But she had made a good point.  Times have changed and are continuing to do so.  And each generation will be using something newer, faster and better than the last or the one before that.

This treasured memory of Kylie teaching me a good point will stick with me forever, I'm sure.

Q4U:  Did anything happen over your Christmas or New Year's holidays where a younger one taught you something?


  1. What a cute story. My kids know all too well how to work our electronic gadgets!


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