Thursday, January 19, 2012


Life was definitely simpler before the age of technology came almost full circle.  I've felt lost the last two or three days.  Our internet connection has been on and off, mostly off!

In the midst of an online writing class, I felt lost without access to email or the ability to find the answer to a question I needed to include in my work.  I felt disconnected, detached from the world out there, separated from family and friends.

What would I have done before?  Pick up the phone and call family and friends.  Go to the library or the handy home encyclopedia set for my answers.  Since I wouldn't have signed up for an online class, no problem there.  And anything I wanted to send someone could have gone via the good old U.S. mail.

But here I am frustrated, confused and bemuddled without my internet connection.  Bottom line means we're in the process of getting a more reliable provider in place, but it will take awhile.

Meantime, please don't forget I'm here.  I'm just asking your patience until I get back in the swing of things with my blog and my connection.

Perhaps another connection is calling . . . perhaps I should answer.  Yes, God -- what is it?

“I call them sacred echoes because I noticed that throughout my relationships,
daily life, and study, the same scripturally sound idea or phrase or word will
keep reappearing until I can no longer avoid its presence."  ~~The Sacred Echo
Margaret Feinberg


  1. I'm still here! Praying everything gets back up and running soon!

  2. I wondered where you went! Excited to see where you go from here. Prayers and blessings to you. ♥


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