Thursday, January 5, 2012

Improving the World Moment by Moment

Holocaust Research Project

The photograph here is probably one you've seen many times before.  Anne Frank is an image that reminds us of what horror and destruction was done to the world in the 1930s-1940s.  Hers was a story that none of us can even imagine, unless we had family who survived the Holocaust who shared stories with us.  In reading The Diary of Anne Frank, one can hardly fathom life under those conditions.

Yesterday I came across the following quote attributed to Anne Frank, and it has made consider the possibilities inherent in these words:

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world."

Her words stopped my reading and my mind begin to swirl as if it were caught up in a tornado.  What could I do to improve the world?  That seemed rather heady -- me? change the world?  Huge assignment.  And like many others might do, I thought, "Not me!"  

Then it came to mind the hungry, empty faces of children everywhere with no food to eat, no medical care, perhaps only a few days left to live.  Or how about the children in the schools in my own area who go home at the weekend and because they're on the breakfast and lunch program at school, they may have nothing to eat at the weekend.  There are mentors needed to work with students who have trouble reading, in mathematics, and so on.  Volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels, check in on elderly neighbors especially in extreme weather, read at the library during story time.  Whatever you feel comfortable doing! 

So, my husband and I stepped out and volunteered to assist in a program that our church participates in to help feed local hungry children.  It's really easy -- take a backpack from the program leader, check out the list attached to it, and shop filling it up for $15 (a list of grocers is provided that offer pricing that can do this!).  Here's a link to the Facebook page of one of the programs in our area (Portland Backpack Lunch Program).  And there are so many other ways to make a difference.

Here's to each of us reaching out to improve our world moment by moment in 2012!



  1. what a wonderful program. It really does not take a lot to bless others.

  2. Barbie, it doesn't take a lot to bless others. Just the love of God in your heart, a hand stretched forward.


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