Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvesting Berries -- and Still Counting 1000 Gifts

Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach;
good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest.
~~ Proverbs 18:20 (MSG)

These last few days our strawberries are ripening almost faster than we can pick.  We don't have a large patch of plants, but what we do have are abundantly rich in fruit.  And oh, so tasty right now!

Here in Oregon, the berries love the cool, damp climate we experience in late spring and early summer.  Of course, there are those times when the climate is too cool and too rainy, and the berries are ruined.  But not this year.  Our tummies have been wholly satisfied with this year's crop.   

Are our words as satisfying as those berries?  In our conversations with one another, or with someone else?  Do we pick a bountiful harvest of good words that will satisfy the mind and perhaps fill the heart?  Or are we careless, picking just anything to say not considering its worth or fruitfulness?

Proverbs 18:20 tells us that words satisfy the mind much like our berries have satisfied our tummies.  That good talk can be gratifying like a bountiful harvest.  In the coming week, I hope to work toward speaking words that will be satisfying to those who hear me.  Not just to tickle their ears, but to give them something to think on, to ponder.

How about you?  Will you consider trying this with me?  It might not be easy, but I do believe we can make a difference if we but try!

Now to continue counting with Ann and friends at A Holy Experience:

525.  Great six-month follow-up with my spine surgeon -- healing progressing beautifully!
526.  Son's good recovery from shoulder surgery.
527.  Successful surgery for our daughter-in-law and beginning of good recovery.
528.  Safe travels for granddaughter and her family to Alaska.
529.  Beautiful and tasty berries in the garden.
530.  Sightings of hummingbirds.
531.  Ability to return to gardening.
532.  Joy of seeing a friend return to church following colon cancer surgery and his exceptional recovery to date.
533.  Life of dear sister-in-law Marilyn who went to a better life recently.
534.  The family I married into.
535.  My husband's creative genius that makes him uniquely himself.
536.  God's continuing love for me.

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  1. Ah! A fellow berry lover!

    Here in south Arkansas, the strawberry harvest is past, but blackberries (my true passion) are in full harvest!

    I love how you relate the sweet morsels of a berry harvest to the harvest of words.

    Thanks for sharing, Sherrey!

    1. Joe, thanks for visiting. Yes, definitely a berry lover, and everything in the NW is slower than molasses. So, you're in Arkansas -- I grew up in Tennessee. I'm glad you enjoyed my comparison of the berry harvest to the harvest of words. I appreciate your ministry and your views.



  2. Hi Sherrey - strawberries are my favorite fruit! My mom used to have a strawberry patch and my niece would eat them straight from the vine.


    1. Well, Joan, now I'm going to have to admit to eating a few while I was picking yesterday. :)

  3. Beautiful and yummy berries! So grateful to hear all the healing from surgeries that is going on! I love seeing our few hummingbirds that visit us too! Wonderful gifts! :)

  4. There is little better than a fray picked berry. I would love for my words to bring the same pleasure to my Lord!

    1. Tereasa, I figured out you meant "fresh" instead of "fray" but couldn't help but giggle at your second comment correcting yourself. I hope your words and mine bring Him the kind of pleasure derived from fresh fruit!

  5. That should read "fresh" not fray.


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