Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Asking for Help Isn't Easy

The last few weeks have been humbling.  Asking for help doesn't come easy to me.  Cast in the role of daughter, sister, wife and mom, it seems that ordinarily I am the one offering help to others.  It is almost as if it is genetically built into women by some unheard command.

Now, counting off the days until my limitations are lifted, I'm not happy having to ask for things to be picked up for me, or put up high for me.  Even worse is having to have someone pull on your socks and tie your shoes.

The other day we were shopping in Walmart when I realized that my right shoe was slipping up and down on my heel.  I looked down and there it was -- a loose shoe string about to become a wiggly mass resembling nothing close to bow on my foot!

Only one solution existed -- ask my husband to tie my shoe!  While he's doing me a favor, a young clerk walks by and laughs.  I quickly said, "I wouldn't ask him to do that except I can't bend down."

My husband was quick to point out to me I had no reason to feel an explanation was necessary.  I knew immediately it was part of me that has never become comfortable in asking for and receiving help.

I suppose the beauty is found in that moment and these words much like a wake-up call.  A way of letting me know there's something I need to work on changing!  I doubt it will be an easy task, but I've committed to try.  There could be worse things I'd be nudged to do.

Q4U:  Are you comfortable asking for and accepting help?  Share with us, if you're willing, the  manner in which you handle doing this.


  1. If it is from my husband or one of my sons I can ask. It is more difficult with others.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the new link!

    joy and blessings,

  2. Alida, thanks for stopping by my new "place." God and I are working together to make me a more gracious me this year! That will make asking easier.

    Blessings and peace,

  3. Asking for help has always been hard for me. Though, it does seem to becoming a bit easier the older I get. I'm more willing to let down tge facade I guess.

  4. Linda, "let down the face" is what I think it's all about! My mom taught me to be all things for all people and never to look weak or dependent. It's taken me 65, almost 66, years to figure out I could let my hair down a bit! :)


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