Monday, February 6, 2012

Reconnected in More Ways Than One!

The famous image to the right is known to most of us as one of the incredible scenes from The Sistine Chapel, which was rendered with such grace and artistic talent by Michelangelo.  This scene is from the creation of Adam representing that connection between God and man.

As most of you know, I've been "disconnected cybernetically" over the last couple of weeks plus.  Finding ourselves without an Internet connection left my husband and me feeling like stranded souls on a deserted island without the tropical climate so often associated with deserted islands.

Although at times we were made to feel the "disconnect" was our fault, at the end of installation by a new Internet service provider, we learned that squirrels had in fact been the culprits.  The little rascals must not have had enough to eat from our feeders so they chewed through the cable line at the street!

The two images here are similar:  in each there is a slight void between the two parts that should be connected.  In the one to the left, it's apparent that the disconnect was caused by cutting the wires.

In the Michelangelo piece, the void between the two fingers isn't seen as a disconnect at all -- it is the Divine Connection being made for us by the Creator through Adam.

So, finally we feel so connected in the ways of the world -- through email, voicemail, blogging, Facebook, and so much more built by large corporations to keep us together today.  And yet, the most apparent thing to me was how much more connected I felt to God and His Son, Jesus, without all the trappings of the Internet.  Imagine that!

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Michelangelo's rendering from the Sistine Chapel --
Disconnected computer --

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  1. So true! I hope those squirrels didn't get electrocuted while eating their way through your internet wires.


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