Monday, February 27, 2012

Heart Full of Thanks -- Counting One Thousand Gifts (346-356)

Two or three days ago a friend shared the video embedded here with me.  As the little girl began to talk, I was taken aback at her clear understanding of "exploring," and what it does for our minds.  Yet the video moves on, soul satisfying music playing in the background and the comfortable voice of a Jesuit priest narrating.  His thoughts and words focus on gratitude, and I found myself near tears as I listened.  I share it with you today as I continue to count my gifts.

346.  Children with active minds.
347.  Smiles.
348.  Daffodils blooming!
349.  My husband's love and caring for his brother.
350.  Friends who understand how crazy life can be.
351.  Writing words of comfort, grace, and about God's goodness.
352.  Crocheted afghans to keep me warm on cold nights.
353.  Connecting with high school classmates.
354.  News of a baby to be born in our family in September.
355.  Sunlight glinting through the windows and dancing on the floors.
356.  The book, One Thousand Gifts, which reminded me to be aware of the gifts in each day.


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