Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lenten Rose Isn't Just Any Rose

Some time ago, 17 years to be exact, we moved to a lovely wooded junior acre.  Just close enough to the city to enjoy cultural activities and an easy commute.  And also near good medical care, easy shopping, and a great church home.

We now refer to this luscious setting as Meyer Woods.  You see there are about 25 old growth Douglas firs, several cedars, and one lonely pine dotting our property.  And beneath them grow shade loving plants -- ferns, azaleas, holly, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and many others.  But there was one spot that hadn't been landscaped and cultivated.  Our future perennial garden would lie there.

As we began to think about what to plant, I discovered a plant neither of us knew much about -- helleborus.  All its characteristics fit perfectly:

  • Soil preference:  moist and well-drained.  The Pacific NW has no problem providing the moisture, and the drainage was excellent.
  • Light requirements:  partial sun, partial shade, full shade.  Perfect!
  • Pests:  none serious.  Excellent!
  • Attributes:  deer resistant, rabbit resistant, good in rock gardens, and naturalized areas.  Another positive.
So, home we came with three plants.  They were planted, watched, carefully monitored.  The next February to our delight they began to bud.  We hadn't paid much attention to the varieties we had bought except to be pleased with one that flowers white and the others a rather dusky pink or rose color.  

The rose-colored buds began to open first.  Amazingly it was the week or so prior to Ash Wednesday when we noticed the blossoms.  I was curious just what the name of this odd-colored plant was.  Locating the tag from the plant was easy, and to my surprise the varietal name was Lenten Rose.

How timely I thought that its blooms appeared near the beginning of Lent.  I did a little research and found that their timing was not peculiar to our region but peculiar to the plant itself.

Now each February, I watch and wait -- and they are blooming now.  I must confess the photo is not one of ours.  The rains and the wet weather have made photography almost a non-event with my camera lately, so I borrowed this from Dayton Nurseries.

What a lovely addition to our Lenten experience each year.  The blossoms are another reminder of the season and the cost paid on the cross.  God's gift, a cross and nails, and the forgiveness of our sins.

Jesus was given to you, and with the help of those who don't know the law,
you put him to death by nailing him to a cross.  But this was God's plan
which he had made long ago; he knew all this would happen.
God raised Jesus from the dead and set him free from the pain of death,
because death could not hold him.
Acts 2:23-24 (NCV)


  1. Hi, Sherrey. I saw your comment on my blog that you would like to host me here to help me promote my novella Imprisoned. I would like this very much! And, as you say, this might drive traffic to YOUR blog.

    I just read through all your pages, and feel like I now "know" you somewhat. I feel connected to you spiritually and emotionally. I too had a difficult mother; VERY difficult. And finally made peace with her when she died at age 97, March of 2003.

    As for your blog, if you don't mind my making a few suggestions that I think would help you get more followers. For one thing, you asked me to email you, but I can't find an email address (unless I'm just not seeing it). Bloggers like to know how to get in touch with us. Also, you should have your name on your blog so people will know who you are. Some people say they don't want to do this, but they're putting themselves out there as it is, and you do have a beautiful picture of yourself. So coming into your site, people will want to know your name. I see you do have your first name way down on the right sidebar. Maybe in that box under your picture you could begin with this line: Hi. I'm Sherrey Meyer and I welcome you to my blog. Or something like that. Then have a page that says Contact Me. Here you can put your email address, your facebook address, etc.

    Just some suggestions. This is such a beautiful blog, especially for those searching for spiritual and emotional peace. The background you've chosen reflects your spiritual journey; all that you and your husband do in your church community and in your family. I feel a great peace looking at this background as I type this to you.

    So, get in touch with me when you get back on March 5th and let me know when you'd like to guest me. Thanks so much! Ann
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

    1. Ann, oh, how I appreciate this feedback! I've been hungering for someone to take a good long look at my blog and talk to me about what works and what doesn't. I will definitely take your pointers and work from there. I'm glad the background provides a sense of peace -- that was what I was hoping for.

      And the tip on the double word verification -- I'm not even sure I knew that was taking place. Away it goes! :)

      I'll be back to you soon about that guest post. I look forward to it -- you'll be my first!


  2. One more comment. You'll lose bloggers if you don't get rid of the double word verification. They are SO difficult to read, and many bloggers have said that if they go into a site to meet someone new and find this, they give up. So do I! I only persist in the few cases where I really want to leave a message. We don't have to worry about spammers. If someone writes a bad comment, all we have to do as the author of the blog is trash it!


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