Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Can Do It!


I can do it!  Oh, I remember the first time I heard my son say these words.

You know the age, right?  Around two or three years of age, a child begins to explore his or her independence.

I can do it!

Confession:  I've said those words too.  I can do it!

And I want to do it, do it all.  I want control over my life.  But I can't!  There I've said it.

I can't do it all.  I can't control my life in every detail. 

UNLESS . . .

I look to Christ for strength. 

 I live in His Word, reading daily.

I commit to remembering that in Him I can do so much more.

Because He, and He alone, can provide what I need to 
do what my life requires, my life as He sees it.

My life is not wholly my own, but
a shared existence with and through Him.

Then, partnering with Christ, I can do all things -- 
all things that He has planned for me.

Like a seed planted in the ground can't grow unless it is watered and fed and watched over, I need to be nourished by Christ's love and strength.

What about you?  Can you do all things?  Wouldn't it be easier
with Christ providing for you the strength and the guidance
you really need?  

Think about it, won't you?

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  1. Sherrey, your blog is beautiful, and so are your words and thoughts and messages. Thanks for the reminder and for a fresh new look at the best way to "do it all." I like your term "shared existence." So true, so true. "Shared existence with and through Him." Love it.


    1. Linda, thanks for stopping by and leaving such gracious and encouraging words for me. I think we women will always be looking for the best way to "do it all!" But He can help us through it as He has done with so many other things in our lives. :)


  2. Sherrey: So very true! Thank you for speaking truth boldly and for linking up with Hearts&Homes at mercy(INK)!
    Also, thank you for you beautiful, heartfelt message in response to our family's loss. so appreciate your prayers :) blessings, lauren

    1. Lauren, again thanks for the invitation to link up with Hearts&Homes and for welcoming me so warmly. My prayers continue with you and yours as you travel this difficult part of the journey.


  3. We adopted our daughter when she was two and a half. She wanted to do everything "by mysewf." It was so frustrating while attempting to bond! I learned a great parallel between my relationship with her and my relationship with God. Her independence was way over the top for a two year old. I saw that she needed to learn dependance on us so that she learn dependance on God. It has been a delicate balancing act for all of us, but I think we are getting it... five years later!

    1. Tereasa, picking up life with a two and a half year old must have been challenging. Just the mere need to bond was so needed, and here she was ready to do it "by mysewf!" I appreciate your quickly noting that she needed to learn dependence on you as we must accept and recognize the need for our dependence on God. Beautiful analogy here. Glad to hear that progerss is/has been made!


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