Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeking God

Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.
~~ 1 Chronicles 16:11 (KJV)

Seeking, searching, looking for, attempting to find.

Where shall I seek?

All around, in front of me, along my path
leading me wherever I go.

Among friends and family, those whom I love.

In a community of fellow believers.

The Lord, his strength, his face, all of Him.

What shall I seek?

The Lord, the Good Shepherd, the King of Kings.

His strength, might and power.

His glorious face, shining His Light to the world.

Continually, always, never ending.

How shall I seek?

Forever and ever, always, unending seeking.

Every day, every hour.

Without fail, never stopping.

I know if I take my eyes from His face, ignore His strength
and might, and if I'm not constantly seeking Him . . .
I know that my life will falter . . . I will begin to lose that
ability to trust Him wholly and completely.

I don't want that to happen . . . so, I'm committing myself
to living by abiding in this verse from I Chronicles . . . so,
that I might be more certain of eyes trained on Him daily. 

Q4U:  Are you committed to daily seeking the Lord in everything you do, in your role as parent, spouse, child of God?  Take some time to think on these things and consider what you should be doing to keep Him in the center of your life and your world?

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  1. Sherrey,

    Thank you for the great reminder. In my own experience, if I put my focus first on Him, the rest of my life works. If I don't, my life is out of balance. Thank you again for the great post.


    1. Aaron, isn't amazing how well life goes along when we're focused on God first? Why then is it so hard for us humans to get it right more often than not? As always, so glad you stopped by!


  2. I love how we can see him
    just about anywhere we look,
    so creative and generous and brilliant
    in His wonderful ways:)
    seeing and delighting in Him
    in you,

    1. Jennifer, thank you for these beautiful words! Bless you for sharing them with me.


  3. Seeking Christ is the only way I have survived. Seeing him in those created by his Word, is how I learn to love. Sherrey, this is beautiful and I thank you for writing it.

    1. Tereasa, so glad to be sharing with you about seeking Christ. It is the only way we learn to love -- and it's an amazing journey, isn't it? Thanks for your generous comments.


  4. What beautiful words, Sherry. Words that spur us on, reminding us to be intentional in our seeking, ..."continually, always, never ending". To seek His face....and to find HIM when we seek HIM with our whole heart....more amazing than we can even imagine.

    Thanks for linking up. Your words always bless-

    1. Stacy, it's always a joy to link up with your Heartprint Hallelujahs, but recently family matters have kept me locked in some days from getting everything done. :) I really appreciate your comments about this post -- it was one I felt to the depth of my soul as soon as the seed was planted. I knew He wanted me to write this, and the reaction has affirmed that.


  5. Love how you wrote this, Sherrey. Your creativity here helped drive the message home to me even more.

    I'm with you, friend. Seeking Him with all that I have and ever hope to be...

    1. Nikki, I consider your comments to be an affirmation of the seed that was planted telling me that He wanted me to write this. I don't know where the creativity you mention came from, other than from Him. It is His message, not mine -- His through me. So glad you came by!


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