Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trust Me

Exert your will to trust Me in all circumstances.
Don't let your need to understand distract you from My Presence.
I will equip you to get through this day victoriously, as you live
in deep dependence on Me.
Tomorrow is busy worrying about itself;
don't get tangled up in its worry-webs.
Trust Me one day at a time.

~~ From Jesus Calling (Sarah Young, 2004)
March 18, p. 81

Daddy will catch you!

Do not worry about tomorrow.
Tomorrow will have its own worries.
The troubles we have in a day are enough for one day.

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  1. don't get tangled up in its worry-webs...I love that! I saw this book at Costco the other day and told my husband I am going to pick that up next time (I'm a stickler for sticking to my budgets!). I can't wait to read it.

    thanks for giving me some encouragement today, friend!

    1. I loved those words too, Nikki! They really spoke to the "worry part of me." You MUST pick this book up next time you're at Costco. I've been hearing so much about it and a couple of weeks ago I finally treated myself! I've not been disappointed. Budgets I totally understand -- living in retirement can change your buying perspective! :)

  2. Makes me think of the song, "One day at a Time, Sweet Jesus." If only I would learn to stop placing tomorrow's "what ifs" in place of the present.

    1. Joan, we're not alone in our looking to tomorrow and taking our gaze away from today. The comfort is found in knowing that God sees, knows and understands . . . and He forgives us.

  3. No worry-webs! I like that.

    I am new to the Jesus Calling devotionals. I have a Jesus Calling app on my iPhone. I love these small, potent messages of faithfulness and love.

    1. I'm new to the Jesus Calling devotionals too, and I'm really enjoying the "small, potent messages" Sarah Young writes. I find them very moving and thought provoking.


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