Saturday, February 25, 2012

Couldn't Believe It! My Blog? A Winner? Yep, It's True!

Imagine opening your inbox and finding the usual emails from blogs to which you subscribe.  Open up a favorite.  In this instance, Memoir Writer's Journey, written by my friend, Kathy Pooler.  The title of her post for today contained a word I didn't recognize.  I knew at a glance it was likely German, and I thought I could pronounce it, but what did it mean.

Read on, I said to self.  And there it was -- an explanation of the word "liebster."  It had been explained to Kathy that "'liebster'" loosely translated from German means 'beloved, dearest' even implying 'favorite.' Kind of like a great big hug over cyberspace.'"

Kathy had herself had received and happily accepted The Liebster Blog Award.  She went on to describe the foundation behind the award -- established for up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

I smiled, knowing my blog settled comfortably into those conditions.  Graciously, I made my acceptance speech in the quiet of my own tiny writing space.

Of course, there are rules and here they are:

1.  Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them.

2.  Copy and paste the blog award on your blog (you can get them from Google images).

3.  Pass the Liebster Blog Award on to five other bloggers you admire.

4.  Let your recipient know of the award by leaving a comment on their blog.

5.  Bask in the love of the blogosphere.

Now, I have selected my five bloggers to pass this award to, and I have no idea of the number of followers for any of them.  They are:

1.  Linda K. Thomas at Spiritual Memoirs 101.

2.  Stacy at Heartprints of God.

3.  Barbara at Earthen Vessels.

4.  Alida Wright Sharp at Blackpurl's Knitpickings.

5.  And last, but not least, Jenna Quentin at Meandering in a Field of Words.

I hope that each of you reading this will take the time to visit each of these blogs.  These women are great writers and their posts will definitely be bright spot in your day.

Congratulations to my five choices!  You deserve this!


  1. i am deeply honored, Sherrey, that you would choose to pass on this award to me. honored and humbled. since i know my shamefully proud heart, and am afraid that this might distract me from my purpose of looking only for His approval, i've made it a policy to accept no blogger awards, but to focus on the award that matters most to all of us...the award from our Father of 'well done!' i do hope you will instead pass this honor on to another, more worthy blogger than i.

    with many, many thanks, barbara

    1. Barbara, how well I understand your feelings. And I assure you that you're not required to accept this little tiny piece of affirmation but to only accept that God placed you on my heart as I was seeking. Together, we will lift him up, only him, and I only ask that you keep writing posts.

  2. thanks for your gracious response, Sherrey. ♥


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